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Transducer mounting hole cleaning tool kit

The cleaning tool kit was designed by Dynisco for use in removing excess plastic from mounting holes for pressure and temperature transducers. Installation of transducers into improperly cleaned or sized holes is one of the major causes of damage to these instruments. With this kit, the.312" tip diameter hole, the 45 degree seating surface, and the .451" hole can be cleaned. The kit includes a gauging plug which is used to verify that the hole has been correctly machined and cleaned. M10 and M18 cleaning kits are also available

Transducer mounting hole machining tool kit

The transducer mounting hole machining tool kit contains all of the necessary drills and taps to prepare an standard 1/2" - 20 UNF transducer mounting hole. The kit contains the special pilot drill required to machine the 45 degree seat. All tools included in this kit are made of premium grade, high strength tool steel. M10 and M18 kits are also available.