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1290.gif (14121 bytes)Model 1290 Strain gauge input, 1/8 DIN Digital pressure indicator

The model 1290 indicator offers a field scalable display and dual, configurable alarms to meet your changing pressure indication requirements. The available optically isolated mA/Vdc linear retransmission enables the user to log process trends, a valuable feature for SPC and SQC. A simple front panel instrument calibration and compact profile make the model 1290 the ideal indicator for your process.

ATC770.jpg (19632 bytes)Model UPR700 - 1/4 DIN Pressure / Process indicator with optional second input

The UPR700 pressure/process indicator is a field configurable and programmable instrument with a choice of350 Ohm strain gauge, voltage or current input. A display of the process variable is shown on a bright red five digit LED display, as well as a 35 segment LED bargraph. A second digital display will capture the peak reading (selectable high or low), can be blanked, or can be used as the indicator for the optional second process variable. The UPR700 is the perfect solution for those who would like to have melt temperature and pressure read out conveniently on one instrument.

ATC770.jpg (19632 bytes)Model ATC770 - 1/4 DIN Self-tuning Pressure and Process controller

The ATC770 pressure and process controller, with it's unique self-tuning algorithm, makes it possible to set up a process such as extrusion, quickly, easily, and with a minimum of operator adjustment. Inputs include 350 Ohm strain gauge, DC voltage and DC current, making the ATC770 compatible with a wide variety of process transmitters, and thus able to control a number of factory functions. It is fully configurable with a combination of jumpers and menu options, as well as providing a selection of readout options.