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Temperature sensors are divided into three categories: Section 1 - Head mounted / Section 2 -  Probe style and Section 3 are all the specials and application specific sensors. AJT106M-R.jpg (34613 bytes)ajt101A-E.jpg (41878 bytes)201.jpg (33996 bytes)cooerv1.jpg (73148 bytes)
Accessories section consists of a comprehensive range of components. COMPFIT.jpg (410822 bytes)connectors.jpg (89976 bytes)Flange.jpg (258076 bytes)bayadapt.jpg (34427 bytes)
Instrumentation section consists of indicators and controllers both wall mount and panel mount

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Hand-held instrumentation and sensors

Dials - both digital and analogue

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Heating Elements - a full range of cartridge and band heaters

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